What is the 100Ideas Initiative?

With a rich history, abundant resources and a talented and vibrant people, our state is poised for greatness in the 21st century.

Representative Mike Hope, working with an advisory panel of dynamic leaders, is looking ahead to the future. He understands that as much as leaders hope to achieve at the state Capitol, government alone is not the answer to the challenges, and opportunities, of the future.

Government cannot build our economy. Government cannot inspire citizens.

Instead, the energy and drive of our people will move our state forward. Representative Hope knows the four walls of the state Capitol, filled with politicians, lobbyists, special interests and political insiders, are not the sole repository of good ideas for Washington. Instead, he believes the hardworking citizens who pay taxes and raise families are the true reservoir of great ideas for our state.

That's why Representative Hope launched the 100 Ideas Initiative.

The 100 Ideas initiative seeks citizen input to create a stronger grassroots approach to governing while also soliciting the excellence of Washington's citizenry.

Beginning in the Spring of 2011, Representative Hope and other leaders will travel across the state to change Washington's mindset to look ahead to the long-term future of our state. Too much of our politics is only reactive in its outlook. Politicians are quick to respond to the latest crisis or headline ? ready to "fix" problems that have already happened. But what our state desperately needs, and what our people want, are leaders who look past today's headlines and work to meet the challenges and opportunities of the next 10, 20 and even 100 years.

Through a series of town hall meetings and interaction with the state's citizens, the 100 Ideas Initiative will develop a comprehensive vision for our future. We call these meetings "Idearaisers," and they are the heart of the 100 Ideas program. People are familiar with politicians holding fundraisers where they solicit money. At an Idearaiser, we won't ask for your money. Instead, we ask only that you bring your good ideas for the future of our state. The Initiative is non-partisan. In fact, we are not interested in "Republican" ideas or "Democrat" ideas. We simply want good ideas regardless of their source.

The 100 Ideas represents a fundamental commitment by state leaders to listen to the state's citizens, to be guided by their ideas and to work to create a state government that boosts opportunity for Washington's families. The people of our state are ready for politicians who talk less and listen more. This is exactly the type of leadership the 100 Ideas program represents.

At a time when state and local budgets are being pushed to the limit, taxpayers, and our government services, find themselves at a crossroad. We face many stark realities ? from unemployment that is too high, fuel prices that are climbing, and tuition that goes up and up. That's why finding innovative, long term solutions through the 100 Ideas Initiative is more important than ever.

At the end of the year, the 100 Ideas Initiative will publish a book filled with 100 of the best ideas that emerge from across the state.

The book will serve as a road map for policy makers. And, through this process, we will ensure that the voice of "We the People" is heard and that it has a prominent place in our politics for years to come. So, what's your idea?

What people are saying about the 100 Ideas initiative.

Mike Hope

44th District Washington State Representative

"The four walls of the state Capitol, filled with politicians, lobbyists, special interests and political insiders, are not the sole repository of good ideas for Washington. Instead, the hardworking citizens who pay taxes and raise families are the true reservoir of great ideas for our state. And that?s why we are launching the 100 Ideas Initiative"

Chris Hurst

31st District Washington State Representative

"As a state legislator I always appreciate hearing from constituents on the issues affecting them. Having our citizen?s across the state brain storming ideas and solutions is exactly what we need to help move our state forward"

Reagan Dunn

King County Councilmember

"Hearing from citizens is important as it allows us to determine the priorities of those we serve."

Kenyon Chan

UW Bothell Chancellor

"As chancellor of one of our region's most innovative, diverse and fastest growing universities, I see citizens investing in themselves each and every day. I see citizens who want to be more effectively engaged with the world in which they live. I see adults, both young and old, who want to make an impact on their own lives and on their communities. And dialogue is an essential element to how this all works. The citizenry must be actively engaged with its leaders if it is to thrive and grow."

Janice R. Greene

President, NAACP Snohomish County Branch

"I am looking forward to this opportunity to participate in '100 Ideas Initiative.' I'm particularly pleased that this is a bipartisan effort that reaches out to all communities in Washington State. It is important to the success of this project and our State that all voices are heard. The people who live, work, and play here are a largely untapped resource and I believe that the best ideas will more than likely be submitted from citizens not politicians. This is an excellent chance to make a difference, and I hope that people take advantage of the opportunity."

JJ Frank

Director of Minority Achievers Program, YMCA of Snohomish County

"Government can never go wrong when it outreaches to the community for input and gathers ideas to serve the citizens better."

Kevin Parker

Washington State Representative 6th District

"The best ideas almost always come when politicians take time to listen to people in the community! Your ideas help the legislature to act in a more thoughtful and meaningful way."

Shannon Affholter

Everett City Council President

"To build a strong alliance it is important for leaders to reach out to others in a community."

Mark Lamb

Mayor of Bothell

"As the City of Bothell has redeveloped our downtown, some of the best ideas came from reaching out to our citizens and asking them to envision the future of our City. These ideas came from our citizens and are helping to transform our City."

Dr. Bruce Kochis

University of Washington Bothell

"I abandoned the banking model of teaching ("I deposit into students' brains and hope the interest grows.") quite a while ago, and have replaced it with a method of teaching based upon a learning communities/conversational model ("Here's what some in the past and currently have been thinking about this issue. Now what do you all think? Why?").  Dialogue is an essential component to the student/teacher interaction. It is equally important that our community and political leaders engage with the citizenry in the same manner."

Hunter Graham Goodman

Assistant Attorney General, Washington State Attorney General's Office

"Washington citizens have revolutionized entire industries, from aerospace to software and beyond. Now it's time to call upon the resourcefulness of our citizens to provide the innovation and creativity necessary to reform government."

Shelly O'Quinn

Director of workforce and education, Spokane Greater Incorporated

"I have had the opportunity to work with educators and employers in the Spokane region.  I have learned each and every one of them has a unique perspective.  Our state can improve by hearing these perspectives."

Jon Nehring

Mayor, City of Marysville

"The decisions that we make affect the daily lives of our constituents on so many levels, making it absolutely essential that their voices are heard clearly and often. We need to ensure that all the culturally diverse voice are represented in the decision-making process."

Kirke Slevers

Snohomish County Treasurer

"Our state is full of people with ideas. At a time when we need solutions to help our economy listening to these ideas will greatly benefit our state."

Dave Gossett

Snohomish County Councilmember

"In a democracy all of our authority comes from the citizens. Part of re-building trust in government is listening to their concerns and ideas."

Larry Worden

Executive Board, Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs

"It was the ideas of individuals that created the great state of Washington and it's constitution. What we have would not exist, except for those who spoke up for the betterment of all."

Lisa Schmidt

Founder, Marketing Matters - Vancouver

"The need for leadership is fundamental, but even more important is the need for effective listening. Just by the mere virtue of their position and influence, leaders hold within their power the ability to build up or destroy practically everything residing in the trust that has been placed by the people being heard."

Hon. Renee Radcliff Sinclair

Strategic Initiatives, Apple Inc.

"Washington has a rich history of bright, innovative leaders in our private sector -- from Bill Boeing to Bill Gates -- the people of our state have shown time and again that they are creative, industrious, and willing to work toward smart solutions. At this critical stage in our state's history, our elected leaders need to hear from citizens like never before. The successes we will see in rebuilding our economy, getting people back to work, preparing our students for life-long success, and working through our state's budget woes, will depend on you! As a former legislator, I know the very best answers to our state's concerns come from Washingtonians with great ideas...let's put those ideas to work!"

What people across the country are saying about the 100 Ideas initiative.

Marco Rubio

United States Senator (R-FL)

"100 Ideas for Florida's Future is our best effort to make politics proactive, to harness the incredible wisdom of everyday people and to connect politics with people's everyday lives. . . . . If we can make politics about ideas again, we can begin to solve many of our most difficult problems. . . ." United States Senator Marco Rubio (R- FL) in his book 100 Innovative Ideas for Florida's Future (2006)

Lance Cargill

Oklahoma House Speaker

"Instead of dictating policies, the 'big idea' behind the 100 Ideas Initiative was to let citizens tell (the politicians) how to prepare for the future." Oklahoma House Speaker Lance Cargill in his book 100 Ideas: Innovation for Oklahoma's Second Century (2007)